Dental Bridges


Dental crowns are fixed prosthetic devices that literally bridge the gap created by one or more missing tooth. Similar to all kinds of bridges, the dental bridge needs support or anchoring as well. Thus, having two natural teeth at the two ends gap created by the missing tooth/teeth is essential. In cases where a natural tooth does not have the quality to be an anchoring tooth, an implant may be used. Front teeth bridge are very popular products in dental bridges, aka permanent bridge for front teeth.


More options are available that you can learn from the dentist on your visit. We, at i2m Dental, mostly recommend ceramic or PFM based bridge. Visit the dentists at i2m Dental for obtaining more details on dental crowns and bridges.

Missing tooth
Missing tooth
Teeth next to the  space are prepare
Teeth next to the
space are prepared
for placement of
the bridge.
The custom-made  bridge is placed  o
The custom-made
bridge is placed
over the prepared teeth.
The bridge is  cemented into place.
The bridge is
cemented into place.
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Complete Your Smile with Dental Bridges

By age 62, the average adult has at least three missing or decayed teeth. While nobody likes the idea of noticeable gaps in their smile, one or more lost molars can affect far more than just your appearance. With each missing tooth, your mouth and jaw are forced to compensate for the new deficiencies in your biting and chewing ability. Often, the remaining teeth will begin to shift noticeably to fill the missing gaps, while the bones supporting that underlying region loses shape and mass. The result is a severely compromised oral environment that creates significant difficulties in your day to day life.

At i2m Dental, Dr. Pallavi Sinha can apply high-quality dental bridges to fill in these gaps, and improve the alignment, aesthetics, and functionality of your teeth in the process. Permanent dental bridges are lightweight, non-invasive treatments that can be installed to provide the utmost comfort and utility for all types of patients. We ensure that these tooth bridges are seamlessly fitted with your existing teeth so that you can enjoy all the benefits of a great-looking, natural smile with the assurance that the surrounding structure of the mouth is adequately supported. 

Visit us to learn if you need dental bridge or a crown. If you are not sure if you need a bridge or dental implants then we will help you narrow down to the best option for your situation.

i2m Dental Bridge Procedure

Types of Dental Bridges

Traditional Bridge

Crowns are placed on the teeth/implants on either side of the dental bridge. Bridges are most commonly made from porcelain or ceramic material that provides an extremely natural appearance. Additional support can be provided by fusing these materials to a metal base. Front teeth bridges may require multiple supporting crowns on either side due to the increased biting pressure applied.

Cantilever Bridge

If you only have natural teeth on one side of the dental bridge then two crowns may be placed consecutively on one side of the prosthetic to connect to the bridge. This is only recommended for areas of the mouth that are not significantly used for chewing or biting. 

Maryland Bonded Bridge

An additional metal or porcelain framework is installed to support the dental bridge. The extending wings of this framework are then bonded to the abutments on one or both sides of the tooth bridge to complete the installation. 

Partial Dental Crowns

Also known as on lays or ¾ dental crowns these attachments are used where only partial restoration of the tooth is required. Your orthodontist will inform you whether you qualify for such a dental procedure.

Site Preparation

  • Application of the mouth bridge will be covered in at least two dental appointments. 

  • During your first visit to i2m Dental, our dental bridge specialists in Hyattsville, MD will prepare your abutment teeth for the oral application. Abutments are the two anchoring teeth that are used to support the dental bridge. While your natural teeth will usually serve this purpose, additional dental implants may be required to provide additional shape and structure for the prosthetic.  

  • The preparation process involves carefully removing layers of enamel from the surrounding teeth so that a crown can be easily placed over them. This helps to ensure that the temporary dental bridge fits securely into place.

Bridge Preparation

  • After the site preparation process is completed, your orthodontist will make an impression of the missing tooth and abutments. This mold will be used as a basis for a perfectly proportioned dental bridge. A temporary dental bridge will be provided to protect the exposed gums and teeth. 

  • The dental bridge is prepared by a reputed dental lab in the United States.

Installation and Adjustments

  • During your second appointment, we carry out the bridge tooth replacement process with the precision tooth bridge. At this point, we will assess the comfort and fitting of the prosthetic, and evaluate whether a further adjustment is required. Your orthodontist may choose to apply a temporary dental cement to allow you more time to check the functionality of your teeth bridges.

  • Once you and your orthodontist are completely satisfied with the results, we will permanently cement the dental bridge into place. 


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