Building Healthier, Happier Smiles with Advanced Orthodontics Treatments

Orthodontic Treatment for a Healthy, Beautiful Smile

Crooked teeth and bite problems are often solved with dental orthodontic treatment. Sometimes, even when teeth look straight, the upper and lower teeth may not fit together well, causing a bite problem. Braces are the most common way to correct crooked teeth and bite problems. This brochure will talk about braces and other types of dental orthodontic treatments.

Functional Orthopedics and Orthodontics are used to correct other problems like TMJ, sleep disorder, and breathing-related issues cause by a malocclusion. Visit Dr. Pallavi Sinha, your orthodontist in Hyattsville and Silver Spring, to understand more about your needs.

While routine check-ups are essential for maintaining your oral health, there are a number of dental concerns that require a more specialized approach. At i2m Dental, we offer a comprehensive range of orthodontic services that are focused on correcting misaligned teeth and crafting ideal bites for patients of all ages. 

Whether you are seeking to protect the development and positioning of your child’s jaw and incoming teeth with orthodontics for children, or you’re an adult looking to address longstanding dental issues, we can provide tailored dental orthodontic treatments that deliver effective results.

Orthodontics for Children

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children should get their first orthodontic assessment by the age of seven. At this stage, permanent molars and incisors have usually emerged, which allows us to evaluate the required level of dental orthodontic treatment. During the initial assessment, we can monitor early indications of crowding, cross bites and jaw misalignment, and determine which orthodontics procedures are required to guide the optimal development of your child’s teeth.

Young patients are perfect candidates for dental orthodontic treatments because their bones have yet to harden, and their teeth have not experienced any of the wear and tear of adult teeth. This means that we have a far wider range of orthodontics services available, from adjusting dental arches to add space for extra teeth or reduce developing gaps, to correcting potentially harmful behaviors like thumb-sucking or grinding.

With the right orthodontics procedures, we can take the steps to ensure a beautiful smile for your child, for years to come.

Orthodontic Services for Adults

Modern advances in orthodontics procedures have made corrective care far more accessible for adults as well. Today, adults all over the world are embracing orthodontist braces and other orthodontic appliances that are specifically tailored for their lifestyles. At i2M, we can find options that minimize staining and visibility while still offering extremely effective results. We can also administer any periodontal treatment that’s required to address bone loss, extractions, and wear and tear which may result in later years so that you can be assured of excellent dental appearance and bite functionality. Emergency Dentist

How You Benefit:

Improved oral health.​

  • Resolves TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorders) that cause chronic headaches, and persistent pain along the neck and facial muscles.

  • A radiant, confident smile and enhanced appearance. 

  • More stable dental structure (protects against tooth decay, enamel wear, and gum disease)

Our Orthodontic Treatment Options

Traditional Braces

This is the most inexpensive orthodontic treatment type for people who want to get rid of their crooked teeth and bite problems. Your teeth will be bracketed and held tightly in place with the aid of metal archwires, elastic tie ligatures, and bands. The archwire will keep on applying constant pressure on your teeth, which will align them in the desired manner.

Metal Braces

High-quality stainless steel orthodontist braces that use a bracket and wire mechanism to steadily straighten and align your teeth. These are by far the most common choice for children and adults alike.

Ceramic Braces

Functionally identical to traditional metal braces, these applications come with the added benefit of reduced visibility so they are perfectly suited for adults that are looking for a more professional appearance. However, ceramic orthodontist braces are more fragile than their counterparts.  

Self-Litigating Braces

Also made from high-quality steel, these orthodontist braces do not employ any elastics. They use specially designed clips to keep braces in place instead. This arrangement reduces the number of checkups required as well as overall dental orthodontic treatment time.


Computer-generated aligners are created for each individual. These are used to adjust and position the teeth without the need for brackets and wires. Invisalign appliances are almost invisible to the sight and they can be easily removed for cleaning and reinsertion at any time. 

Palatal Expanders

This device is primarily used for creating more space inside the patient’s mouth by gradually applying a force on the upper jaw. It is a common orthodontic procedure for preventing malocclusions in children. Palatal expanders become an absolute necessity in case of crossbites, crowding, and impacted teeth.

Space Maintainers

Depending upon your unique requirements, our orthodontists will recommend you to get removable or fixed space maintainers. This will safeguard your kid from premature tooth loss and prevent glitches in the permanent teeth gap filling process.

Habit Correction Appliances

Having years of experience in orthodontic treatments, we know the consequences of not correcting bad oral habits in time. Habit correction appliances are designed for blocking finger sucking and tongue thrusting habits in kids. 


We believe that oral hygiene is the key to maintaining an ever-lasting beautiful smile. In the ending phase of all critical orthodontic procedures, we recommend our clients to wear retainers. It proves to be of great help in maintaining the position of straightened teeth.

Additional Treatment

If necessary, we can take additional steps to correct your bite. Amongst other options, we can extract problematic teeth and offer specific dental orthodontic treatments to reduce jaw pain and bite issues.

Orthodontic Treatment


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