5 Ways Smiling Boosts Your Health

Logically, we all like to be happy, and smiling is a way to prove it. However, adults smile much less than we think.

While in childhood, we smile on an average 400 times a day. Adults only manage to smile 20 times a day.

Responsibilities, fast pace of lives, and daily worries lead us to forget about smiling. However, it is a shame, because smiling boosts your health in multiple ways.

These are 5 of the benefits you can get just by smiling more often... It's not that difficult, is it?

Reduces Stress

When smiling, a series of beneficial substances, such as endorphins, are released in our body. They are known as "the hormones of happiness" and have many positive effects on the body. One of them is to lower, in turn, the levels of the hormones that cause stress, such as cortisol, adrenaline and dopamine. Thus, the feeling of tension and stress is markedly reduced.

Enhances Your Health

Laughing expands the lungs, allowing greater oxygenation of the body. In addition, stretch and relax the muscles. It also favors the internal balance of the organism (homeostasis). All this, coupled with the increase in endorphin in the blood, boosts your health in multiple ways. It lowers blood pressure, helps you sleep better and prevents problems such as depression.

Improves your Social Relationships

Several studies confirm that, when we smile at others, we are more confident and reliable, which favors others approaching us. But there is something else. As a result of those known as mirror neurons, laughter is easily contagious. That is, when we smile at someone, it is possible that this person automatically smiles back at us. This results in the other also receiving the benefits of laughter. You feel better, and your body is filled with endorphins. If you smile, the people around you will be more likely to smile too, and with less desire to frown or argue, so you can generate more intense and healthy relationships.

Builds Self-esteem

When you feel good mood, you are also more confident. That is perceived by others, who respond accordingly, allowing you to feel even better. All those achievements increase your confidence in yourself, and therefore your self-esteem. Smiling helps you get closer and closer to your goals.

Makes you Happier

Reviewing, incorporating the habit of smiling helps you psychologically: endorphins are released, which reduce stress and avoid symptoms of depression. In addition, it strengthens the immune system, expands the lungs and relaxes the muscles. It helps you to be in better terms with others and with yourself. As a result of all this, the levels of happiness we feel clearly increase.

It is a circle: the more we smile, the happier we are, and the happier we are, the easier it is for us to smile. Do you know what is the best of all this? The endorphins that are released with each smile do so according to the position of the muscles of the face. As the brain associates a certain face shape with happiness, a fake smile will release the same amount of endorphin as a true one. So now you know. If you don't feel well, try to make an effort to smile the same. You will see how after a while, you are genuinely smiling. There are no excuses!

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