Energy Drinks and Your Teeth

In mornings where you have had little amount of sleep, you are tempted to pop a Redbull can or two to go about your business. Some caffeine never goes amiss, right? Well, energy drinks may give you that more than gentle kick that you need before heading out to work, but they don’t necessarily care about causing you damage. Like any other artificial stimulant, energy drinks come with side-effects.

From your liver that processes the drink to your mouth that ingests it, there is a trail of harm. Here’s how energy drinks and your teeth are connected.

What Is In These Drinks?

Let’s begin by reviewing the ingredients in these drinks. Since they are designed to ‘energize’ you, they come with a copious amount of caffeine. There are also some amino acids, vitamins and minerals artificially added; and then there is a lot of sugar. In our opinion, the damage you receive from energy drinks far outweighs it benefits.

The Research Says It All

We are not alone in our view. The research that has been conducted in this field shows conclusive evidence that the highly acidic content in these drinks attacks the enamel of your teeth, and the sugar rots your sweet dentures into stumps.

The South Illinois School of Dental Medicine found in one study that the energy drinks contain at least 2-3 times more acid than sodas and soft drinks! Acidic drinks tend to lower the overall pH of your mouth, which ultimately leads to enamel loss and weakening of the teeth.

So while they may sound more natural and nutritious compared to regular sodas, energy drinks are much worse in actuality.

Dentist Recommendations

Given its constituents and its effects on our teeth and bodies, it is no surprise that dentists strongly advise against energy and sports drinks. By consuming this heavily acidic drink, you are creating an unstable environment in your mouth. And when you repetitively guzzle down entire bottles of RedBull, your enamel loss is eventually measurable in weight! Plus, it doesn’t give you wings.

If you have already been exposed to too many energy drinks and you worry about having damaged your enamel, visit your family dentist. They will tell you how you can reverse the damage your teeth have been subjected to.

The Final Word

These facts are not difficult to find out about. The internet is peppered with article after article declaring these energy drinks unfit for consumption. But however strongly it is advised against people keep consuming energy drinks in larger numbers each year.

Given the shocking statistics about gum disease, it is essential for us to realize that we are in charge of our own bodies and we are the ones who can make sure they stay healthy and fit. So replace those energy drinks with some fresh fruit juice and watch your smile go from hesitant to blissful!


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