Recovering from Dental Implants

If you are thinking of getting dental implants in place of your damaged or missing teeth, there is plenty you should know beforehand. It is a surgery like any other and its implications and side-effects need to be understood in greater detail before you sit in that dreaded dentist’s chair.

This surgery allows dental surgeons to screw on an artificial tooth in an empty socket. Metal frames are fixed surgically into your jawbone under your gums, where false teeth are fixed or mounted on. Since they are properly secured to the bone, these implants give stable support to artificial teeth while eating and talking. Here’s everything you should know about the dental implant recovery process.

Dental Implant Surgery

Getting a dental implant is a relatively reliable surgery that works as long as your gums and teeth are healthy, and you have the right bone structure. Complications may arise depending on your particulars and specifications, but there is generally a low risk of further problems. However, there is a proper recovery period after the surgery that you need to observe before eating crunchy or hard foods.

Recovering from Dental Implants

Once you have undergone dental implant surgery, the general recovery time is about 5-7 days. Some patients face difficulties and complications that can extend the recovery time, even leading to long-term oral health problems.

Here are some of the reasons why the dental implant surgery recovery time can go awry.

The Number of Implants

You may be getting a single dental implant or you may be getting several. Your recovery time is largely affected by the number of implants you are getting. The more artificial teeth the dentist mounts, the longer the surgery and thus, the recovery period.

Sinus Lift

If your jaw structure is inadequate in shape and size to handle dental implants, dentists recommend getting a sinus lift. This involves adding bone to you upper jaw and moving the sinus membrane upward to make space.


This is a procedure that involved your dental implant integrating with the jawbone directly. This process varies from patient to patient and can significantly add to the recovery period.

Bone Grafting

If your jawbone is too thin to handle a dental implant it can put additional on the bone and cause damage. In a bone grafting procedure, the surgeon will take a bone graft from some other bone in your body, most likely your hip, and transplant the material to your jawbone. This is a long process that significantly prolongs the dental implant recovery time. Some dentists also use artificial bone grafting.

Right after the Surgery

Immediately after the surgery, you may be feeling disoriented because of the anesthesia. Make sure you take someone with you to the clinic just in case you aren’t feeling fit enough to go alone.

In the first half hour after the implant surgery, you should keep a gentle pressure on the gauze pad on the surgical site. Bite down on it with your teeth firmly but not too hard. This helps the blood clot over the area. If you still seem to be bleeding after the first half hour, wait another 30 minutes with new gauze in place.

Here are some other symptoms you may come across on the first day post-surgery:

· Bleeding and oozing

· Inflammation

· Pain at the site and in the entire jaw

If you notice these signs, you shouldn’t freak out or worry. They’re just proof that you are on your way down the recovery road. Good luck!

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