Tips for Nervous Dental Patients

Regularly visiting your dentist is important in making sure you have proper oral health and avoid any serious health issues by taking preventative measures. You may not know this but gum disease can lead to serious problems such as heart diseases and diabetes, so you should stay on top of all your dental visits, even if you think there’s no problem.

However, some people may fear dentists, and may not want to make these regular visits. This could be because of the pain associated with dental procedures, or any past negative experiences they may have had at the dentist. Some may even fear the lack of control they have in communicating while in the middle of a procedure.

Here are some tips to get over your anxiety.

Communicate Openly It’s important that your dentist knows what you’re feeling. You should communicate your problems clearly and precisely, so that your dentist can take care in carrying out their procedures. If your dentist knows that you are scared of the pain, they will be much more accommodating and make sure to provide you with a comfortable setting, for example, by explaining what they are doing step by step, or asking for your permission before they proceed. They can even give you breaks between steps if possible to make you feel more at ease.

Make Your First Visit a Simple One If your first visit to a dentist is for a root canal, you will likely be more anxious than if it were just a regular hygiene check-up. By making your first visit a simple one, you can get a chance to work with the staff and familiarize yourself with the dentist and the setting so that in a more advanced procedure, you are not too nervous.

Find a Dentist Who Specializes in Nervous Patients Some dentists are not sensitive to pain control or are inexperienced with dealing with nervous patients, and hence are not able to be compassionate about it. By finding a dentist through your networks or reviews who are known to make the experience easier for nervous patients, you can help bring down your own stress levels.

Bring Music Some patients like to maintain conversation with their dentists, while others would prefer to tune everything out. If you can listen to relaxing music during the procedure to focus on something else, you can be less nervous while your dentist works, and may not even feel the pain at all.

Bring Someone Along Having someone who you are comfortable with can help you feel more at ease than if you were to come alone. Just make sure that they have time to spend at the clinic since dental procedures like dental crowns, bridges or dental implants can take time, and are able to help reduce your stress instead of increasing it.

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